It may even make you laugh! Now I fully understand of all of the testimony I have provided the reptilian references may be of the most difficult to swallow; but in tying the similarities & anomalies present daily on broadcasts it will hopefully spark an interest for others to pursue the phenomena a bit more closely as there is definitely something just not right about this.

First just some quick context -references to these types of entities goes as far back to our earliest civilized ancestors, the Sumerians, whom were a culture who leapfrogged the rest of the world - creating the first form of written txts; cylindrical rollers used for writing. It's important to provide some base context about this ancient culture whom pioneered concepts of literature, agriculture, commerce, scientific study, pottery, plumbing, clothing, domestication of animals, instruments-and possibly most remarkably of all documented precise detail of how us humans came to be via genetic engineering (mutation). Oh & they say we were created to be used as a slave-race; but would a conqueror such as they describe really layout their intention to break into the natural course of the human spirit, wreak total havoc on the global population, etc, with purpose to hijack the entire planet & make use of its most precious resource, humans, in a much more demonic methods than simply being slaves? Lastly about the Sumerians they mapped out precise details of our Solar System -- all planets aligned in orbit around the sun at precise destinations. Yes they knew the sun was in the center of the Solar System. Yes they knew all planets were round. Yes they knew there was an asteroid belt & of the rings of Saturn. Ok so wait a minute a culture over 5000 years old had knowledge of all of this? How come this wasn't in any of our history classes?

The Sumerians refer to a race of beings called the Anunnaki, those from which the heavens came, who manipulated the human species genetically to come up with a version that best suited their needs. Again how is it a culture so long ago knew about DNA, even the double-helix, & told a "tale" about how modern day man was created in this process by an advanced race of beings? They even had a name for this genetically engineered human calledthe "Adamu" who was manufactured & delivered to E-Den. Really -- a reference to Adam & the Garden of Eden 4,000 yrs before Christ? Yes this is all true & even when I mention it to folks who don't know the typical response is, "wow, that's really interesting!". But am I really in a minority that information such as this compels me to want to look much further in seeking truths? There is clear hard-core evidence that this culture understood our entire Solar system, planetary size-proportions & alignments , etc.. Yet Wikipedia shows Pluto being first discovered in 1936? And that the world was discovered to be round in the late 1800's? Hmm what's going on here, & I find it a bit humorous that a new planet was discovered in our solar system after my grandparents were born (Pluto) yet the idea that another planet may yet exist is ludicrous? Of course it's not. I only see 2 possible scenarios for how this ancient culture held such deep in our celestial space. 1 -the Sumerians developed technology to either send satellite images back to earth or fly throughout the solar system without leaving any evidence of such tech behind; or 2 -- they were enlightened with this knowledge. And yet when most people first learn about this the initial response is, "wow, that's neat!"??

The magnitude of this is staggering, & when you factor in the Ancient Asian cultures, Mayan, Native American, African tribes & Zulu, etc all shared similar stories about an advanced race of beings, many known as the Serpent gods, who held a hand in establishing modern man while instilling common practices across all in praise, control, offering sacrifice, & that one day this race of beings would return.

So there you have it -- this video is not intended to persuade anyone that these entities exist as in no way should anyone make such judgment by simply watching a video on Youtube. But there is so much information out there that makes the case very compelling. David Icke's got some great stuff; Jordan Maxwell; oh & tsaklar (with more to come :). And remember don't be deterred by simply the terminology of "Reptilian". It's just a mad-made definition & it is what these entities represent that matters....demons, Djiin...reptilian....inter-dimensional. But the whole licking of the lips & blinking does indicate some physical difference in our subconscious behaviors. I could see lizards having these traits as well as the more spikey/jagged teeth. And they certainly attempted to manipulate me away from any path that took a more scientific/reptilian route, but hey -- all of the above are demons to me. Please see for more. Cheers.


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