9 of the Most Expensive Bottles of Water in the World


Taken from 600 meters below the unspoiled Japanese Fuji volcanic belt, this water costs around $5 per 750 ml. The beautiful frosted glass bottle might just make it worth it for you though..

Tasmanian Rain

Captured from the “edge of world”, Tasmanian rain water comes from water that has never even touched the earth. The water is collected from rain drops before they hit the ground. It costs around $5 per 750 ml.

Lauquen Artesian Mineral Water

Lauquen water comes from the Andes mountains, from a 1,500 foot deep aquifer. The water does not touch air until it is bottled. This magnificently pure water costs $6 per 750 ml.


If for nothing else, the $12 is worth this beautiful bottle. Ok, maybe not, but the water is taken from pristine Canadian sources and won the 2007 Gold Medal as the year's best noncarbonated spring water.

10 Thousand BC

This water retails for about $14 per 750 ml bottle. The source of the water is a 3 day trip off the coast of Canada and is surely one of the finest, purest and best waters in the world.


A 750 ml bottle of this still water will cost around $23. It comes from finland, which arguably has the best and most pure water in the world.

Bling H20

With the word bling on its bottle you know this water has got to be expensive. The 750 ml bottle sells for about $40 and is decked out in swarovski crystals and corked like a bottle of champagne.

Fillico- Fillico

Produced in Osaka Japan, is by far the newest on the market of expensive waters. At $219 dollars, which is 23,000 Yen, these bottles are capped with gold King and Queen tops. Fillico water is not yet available in the US yet.

Kona Nigari
Kona Nigari Water Image

Just 2 Ounces of this little bottle will cost you around $33.50. Therefore, 750 ml (Normal size for luxury water) would cost you a whopping $402. This desalinated sea water is collected from 2,000 feet below the surface of the ocean off the Big Island of Hawaii. Known for it’s weight loss, stress reducing, and skin improving qualities this water is most exclusively found in Japan.


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