Realpolitik or the American reality show (Let's defeat Trump!)

I will make mine some good ideas from Michael Rosemblum.

We vote for the best entertainer. The most entertaining political figure is the winner. And that is Trump. He kills. The rest are dead.
Image result for pato donald trumpSo how can the Democrats defeat The Donald? Like the man in the movie says, you need a machine to beat a machine.
The Democrats should wake up, ditch Hillary (who has all the entertainment of a schoolmarm), and find someone even more entertaining and better TV than The Donald if they expect to win.

My suggestion: Take The Donald at his word and undercut him while you can. Draft Oprah. It's your only chance. Jon Stewart? Good TV but does not really rate big numbers. But Oprah? A ratings titan! And she doesn't seem to be doing much these days.
If you think the Fox GOP debates got viewership wait until you see the Presidential debate between Trump and Oprah. 90% viewership, I bet. The ad spots will go for more than the Superbowl. Battle of the Titans. The Thrillers in Cleveland (or wherever it takes place).
Of course, once the election is over, we'll all have to live with President Trump or President Oprah, But what the heck, move a few cameras into the White House and we'll have a Reality Show that will go on for years.
The country may go to hell in a hand basket, but at least it will be fun to watch.
Like they say in Hollywood: That's Entertainment!


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